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The most important factor when designing a new athletic field is creating a field that meets the clients needs and exceeds their expectations. Furr'st Athletic Field Construction takes into account the clients budget, level of play, amount of play, maintenance capabilities, water availability, drainage and finally aesthetics. It is important to design a field that not only looks great, but plays great and will last for years to come with proper maintenance.


At Furr'st Athletic Field Construction we take a great deal of pride in being able to take an athletic field that is unplayable, unsafe, and unattractive and turning it into something beautiful. Our experienced staff works very closely with the client to select a renovation process and schedule to give them a finished product that exceeds their expectations.


The most important factors in sports turf are a stable surface and durable turf. Our focus is on balancing the client's needs and expectations with their budget to provide a safe surface that performs in a variety of conditions and will last for years. We analyze soil properties, water availability, maintenance capabilities and other issues to determine the appropriate drainage, turf variety, soil amendments, and irrigation components. Finally, we use the industries most accurate equipment and personnel with an eye for detail to deliver a quality field installation.


Maintenance and mowing is the greatest asset in insuring that the playing surface will remain beautiful and safe. Without proper maintenance, the construction of the athletic field would be a waste of money. Our staff works closely with our clients to develop maintenance programs taking into consideration the level of traffic the fields will endure, and budget constraints. Our overall goal with maintenance programs is to reduce long-term maintenance costs while maintaining high standards in field performance. Our experienced staff, specialized equipment, and access to specialty materials enable us to offer a full range of maintenance services.

Topdress Leveling

Turf removal, laser-grading and turf replacement on existing, natural fields can be a major cost. More often than not, it's not necessary. With our topdress and level service, we are able to provide a relatively inexpensive way of leveling an undulating surface.

Golf Course Services

  • Cambridge Under-drain design and installation
  • Sand-slit drainage
  • Laser-grading
  • Sod removal and replacement
  • Deep Core or Deep Tine Aeration
  • Sprigging
  • Topdressing
  • Bunker drainage
  • Greens collars
  • Full service renovations
  • Turf Dying and Colorant
  • Maintenance services: aeration, fertilization, spraying services

The installation of a sand-slit drainage system enables us to effectively and affordably drain your problem areas. With this system, Furr'st Athletic Field Construction can drain an entire fairway without having to stop or even effect play. A sand-slit drainage system can also be used to correct smaller problem areas that would otherwise be unplayable.

Additional Athletic  Field Services

  • Infield installation
  • Laser-grading
  • Soil modification and amendments
  • Infield edging
  • Warning Track Installation
  • Deep Core or Deep Tine Aeration
  • Turf Dying and Colorant
  • Synthetic turf installation
  • Sodding
  • Sprigging
  • Drainage Design and Installation
  • Sand-slit Drainage
  • Topdressing
  • Irrigation Design and Installation
  • Full service maintenance
  • Full renovation and reconstruction
  • Design and consulting
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